Pre-order Minebox 8TB/16TB now

Hurry up! Limited units!

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What you get from Minebox

Maximum speed

Local storage and remote access.

Get revenue from your NAS

Earn money on your free space.

Don't miss a byte

Get redundant offsite backups with one click.

Your files are only yours

Bring your data under your control with a private key known only to you.

Manage your coins

Manage your balance with a built-in wallet.

What is xOS?

xOS is Minebox modified version of Rockstor(CentOS), with modifications on the kernel and block devices. The filesystem xOS uses is BTRFS.

BTRFS is intended to address the lack of pooling, snapshots, checksums, and integral multi-device spanning in Linux file systems, these features being crucial as the use of Linux scales upward into larger storage configurations. BTRFS is designed to be a multipurpose filesystem, scaling well on very large block devices. [1]

What is a pre-sale?

Pre-sale means that you will perform a purchase of your desired quantity of devices in a form of reservation. Your device/s won't be shipped immediately. We will inform you on our progress and the shipment date as we go, we will post updates to our blog and will contact you via email so you can be aware.

What are the advantages of being an early adopter?

There are several advantages for those who will pre-order Minebox now.

1 Discounted price

Early adopters will have an important reduction on the price of the device. The 8TB version is 750€ and the 16TB version is 1470€.

2 Priority Shipping

Early adopters will have a priority when we are going to start shipping.

3 Device loaded with Siacoin

Each device you pre-order will be shipped with Siacoin to allow you to access and become a host on the most secure peer-to-peer storage system in the world, powered by a blockchain. More about Siacoin. Using Shapeshift you can convert Siacoin to Bitcoin, Ether, Monero or other blockchain based assets.

4 1-on-1 session with founders

Minebox founders will help you to get the most of your Minebox in 1-on-1 sessions!

More about Minebox

Do you want to know more about Minebox before taking the step?

Read more about Minebox

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